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A New Innovative Contour Razor

Inspired by the spectacular barber culture of the Caribbean, Curved Razor is the world’s first stainless steel curve-shaped razor. The device allows barbers and hairdressers to shave curved hairlines effortlessly, with unrivaled precision. With a single movement, the Curved Razor delivers a clean curved contour. Hair specialists can now effectively contour beards, eyebrows, and hairlines by the temples and behind the ears. Its unique shape also makes the versatile razor ideal for the most intricate hair tattoo designs.

Elegant Ergonomic Design

The lightweight Curved Razor incorporates exceptional handle ergonomics. The result is a razor perfect for detail-work with an eye-catching design, a stunning addition to any barbershop or beauty salon. An equally elegant straight razor for shaving straight hairlines and eyebrows is also available alongside the curved-shape razor.

Durable & Hygienic

To use Curved Razor, slide a universal single-edge razor blade into the curved razor and replace it after use. The product is 100% stainless steel, ensuring lasting quality and hygiene.

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